Daryl Berry

December 4, 1954 – September 8, 2011

From his FaceBook page:

photo collage of Daryl Berry“Old friend, you possessed the most positive good-natured spirit imaginable — your spirit will live on in this world and into the next. Thank you for being a part of my journey…”

“What a special man. What an inspiration. What a great loss his passing means to his family and friends.”

“Daryl, my business partner and more importantly my closest friend, I will always remember your smile. Thanks for all of the insights and wisdom you so freely gave to me over the last 25 years. I will miss your friendship more than I can put into words. Thanks for being my friend. I will always love you brother.”

Daryl was an adventurer — and life was his adventure. He left the security of home to pursue Transcendental Meditation at an early age and transitioned easily and gracefully from life as a young TM teacher into a successful entreprenuerial career in construction. He was generous, joyful, easy-going, graceful, athletic, inspiring, wise, smart and a great student of the Urantia Book with many personal insights that he loved to share. People were attracted to Daryl. His smile was broad, sincere and ever present. His faith was strong and he was greatly and deeply loved by many people from all of his many areas of interest: cycling, business, civic and community life, Urantia Book study, diving (underwater cave diving), traveling, flying, martial arts and so many others.