Ted Blaney

In Loving Memory of
January 14, 1942 – May 10, 2024

“In loving memory of Ted Blaney, and wishing his family and loved ones peace to bring comfort, and courage to face the days ahead…knowing he is in God’s loving arms.”

With heavy hearts, we announce the death of Ted Blaney (Loveland, Ohio), who passed away on May 10, 2024 at the age of 82. Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to leave their condolences and tributes for Ted on this memorial page by filling out the form below.

A Celebration of Life is being planned for Ted’s family and friends on August 24th, 2024. Further details will be announced soon… you may RSVP below and the response will be forwarded to Ted’s family.

A Celebration of Life for Ted Blaney

Family and friends will gather on August 24th, 2024 to remember and celebrate the excellent life and character of our beloved Ted Blaney.

Please RSVP the number of adults and children in your party, to assist Ted's family in planning for sufficient food to serve their guests.
Please enter how many adults and children will attend.

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“As Ted departs from our midst, his spirit ascends to join the cosmic dance of stars, a shimmering constellation of memories that will forever grace the night sky of the hearts of those who loved Ted. Though Ted may no longer walk beside us, his legacy lives on — a testament to the enduring power of love to transcend the boundaries of time and space.”

“Ted had many friends who loved and admired him. I trust that Ted is safely in God’s hands and enjoying the special place Jesus prepared for him. Ted was a friend to everyone and well-loved and respected among the entire Urantia community. Ted was a unique personality combination of strength, intelligence, and gentle kindness that everyone was drawn to, with a profound commitment to education and especially for helping children. He was a dear friend and he will be deeply missed until we meet him again on high…” – Rick & Susan Lyon





“Thanks for sharing the photos of Ted. There are many from which to choose a special one. I favor the one with his warm smile in front of the pink rose bush. It captures more of his warm hearted spirit.”
–George Thornbury

“Ted is dear in my thoughts. I will miss his wisdom and patience and caring gentle spirit too. I will miss his smiling face on our zoom meeting. Another shock to my heart but he will see Ginny again. This thought gives me joy and solace…” – Bonnie Minor

“Ted was truly a steadfast and knowledgeable presence in our study group. The sorrow is shared by many. I personally depended on Ted to “bring us home” on longer discussions. With wisdom of the human condition, compassion for all, and great spiritual insight, he kept us focused on the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. We were all blessed to have studied with him, and he made an impact on our spirit lives. Bye for now, Ted…” – Terry Denbo

“I am so sorry to hear of the sudden graduation of Ted and will miss him so much. I loved talking with him every week about books. I really got to know him well when he and Ginny stayed with John and me in Fort Wayne in 2019. Ted had unconditional love for all people, lived his faith and poured it out to all he met. Sometime after we have grieved for a period, I would love to figure a way to continue his work with the children’s and young adult books he amassed that he felt contributed to the spiritual growth of the youth. He and Ginny loved children and it would be fitting that a children’s library in their memory be established. My love and prayers of comfort for his family and friends…” – Janet Kratzat

“Ted will be missed by so many. He has been a stellar member of our Urantia Book community for as long as I remember, and a humble contributor in many ways. Ted is with his wife now and we’ll all see him in better circumstances!” – Jill Strunk

“What a wonderful brother is now being received in Mansonia by our elder sisters and brothers. It was a pleasure to know you, Ted, even if just briefly on this planet, in preparation to the adventures Papa has in store for us, the class of 21st Urantians, in the ages to come. Safe journey, beloved.” – Gabriel Rymberg, Israel.





“Ted and I became very close friends in 1970. Our wives had met each other first and that is how I got to know Ted. Turns out we were both Urantia Book readers! Also we ended up living next to each other and then started having weekly Urantia study group meetings until I accepted work in another state in 1976. We both greatly enjoyed the meetings and always had several attendees. We went to Chicago a few times to attend conferences at 533 Diversey Parkway and met some old timers and younger folks such as Mo Siegel and many others.

Our families got together frequently for meals and socializing. Our children enjoyed each other’s companionship. Ted and I were organic gardeners and both had large backyard beautiful vegetable gardens. Lots of competition on who could grow the best tasting vegetables. One year we went on a 7 day fishing trip with some of my friends at work. This was in northern Minnesota and sure glad Ted was a good guide to navigate us thru the many small lakes leading back to our outfitter.

After many years, Ted and I got back together and I started attending his Sunday morning zoom meetings and also his monthly in-person meetings at his home in Kentucky. It was so great being with him again. He is so kind and loving and a sincere believer in the fifth revelation. I am sure he is enjoying the mansion world experience and will pursue study of plants, animals, science and spiritual growth on his way upward leading toward God. I miss him very much and look forward to being with him again on the next level of our great spiritual adventure. Love to all of you.” – Spirit Brother Roland Siegfried