About UAUS

The Urantia Association of The United States (UAUS) is the organizational focus of local Urantia Associations in the United States operating under charters grated by The Urantia Association International and licensed by the Urantia Foundation.

UAUS acts as a unifying body bringing together these associations for the purpose of having representation on an international level. International conferences convened by the URANTIA Association International (UAI) include the Presidents of all of the national organizations. These representatives vote on organizational issues which affect the entire international body, such as charter changes, conference locations, and the IUA Journal.

UAUS hosts national conferences, publishes the UAUS Messenger newsletter, and maintains this Web site. Please contact one of the officers below should you have any questions or concerns.


President: Pio Park
Vice President: Michael Zehr
Treasurer: Share Beasley
Secretary: Joanne Strobel


Membership Chair: Joanne Strobel
Conference Chair: Joanne Strobel
Education Chair: Rick Lyon
Study Group: Marian Hughes
Website/Communications: Scott Brooks