JUBILEE OF JUBILEES ~ Worldwide Celebration

Dear Urantia Family brothers and sisters,

It is with great joy that we invite you again to join us for our Urantia Celebration of  
The Jubilee of Jubilees that we will have next month, Sunday May 15, 2022.
Meeting ID: 848 7979 4730
Topic: Celebrating the Jubilee of Jubilees!
Date:   Sunday, May 15, 2022
Time:  See your time zone below
Hawaii Time             7 AM                Argentina/Brazil Time,                    2 PM
Alaska Time,            9 AM                Senegal Time,                                       5 PM
Pacific Time,          10 AM               England/Portugal/Algeria,              6 PM
Arizona Time,        10 AM               Madrid/Germany/Italy/Sweden,  7 PM
Mountain Time,     11 AM               France/Belgium/Egypt/Africa,      7 PM
Central Time,         12 NOON         Israel/Saudi Arabia/Russia,           8 PM
Eastern Time,           1 PM               Philippines Time/China,                  1 AM
This interactive Urantia Family Celebration will allow us to express our Love and
Gratitude to our Divine Local Universe Parents, Master Michael  and Mother Spirit.
You can contact us if you feel inspired to share a poem, song, piece of music, artwork,
or a message specially composed for that event, and we will confirm your participation.
Due to the large number of attendees, please make sure to close all your other programs.
We look forward to welcome you to our Local Universe Parents’ Jubilee of Jubilees!
On behalf of Bro Josh Wilson
We send you Peace and Love