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CLP Meeting_Minutes_26 Mar 2022_Draft
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CLP Meeting Minutes 27 March 2021
UAUS CLP Annual Meeting Minutes 26 Sept 2020
CLP Meeting Minutes 27 June 2020
CLP Meeting Minutes 25 March 2020
CLP Meeting Minutes 28 Dec 2019
CLP Meeting_Minutes_28 Sept 2019
UAUS CLP Annual Meeting_Minutes_16 August 2019
CLP Meeting Minutes-30 Mar-2019-Q1
CLP Meeting Minutes-29 Dec-2018
CLP Annual Meeting Minutes-29 Sep-2018
CLP Meeting Minutes-30 Jun-2018
CLP Meeting Minutes-31 Mar-2018
CLP Meeting Minutes-30 Dec-2017
CLP Meeting Minutes-30 Sep-2017
CLP Meeting Minutes-29 Apr-2017
CLP Meeting Minutes-9 Jun-2016
CLP Meeting Minutes-20 Mar-2015 (unapproved)
CLP Meeting Minutes-11 Jun-2014
CLP Meeting Minutes-25 Jul-2013
UAUS Governing Board Meeting Minutes-15 Mar-2013
CLP Meeting Minutes-28 Sep-2012
UAUS Governing Board Meeting Minutes-23 Apr-2011
UAUS Governing Board Meeting Minutes-29 Jan-2011
UAUS Governing Board Meeting Minutes-29 Oct-2010 (missing)
CLP Meeting Minutes-20 Aug-2010
UAUS Governing Board Meeting Minutes-24 May-2010