David Linthicum

June 12, 1955 – June 1, 2022

“Indeed a Mighty Oak Has Fallen”

Long time devoted Urantia Book student and servant David Linthicum graduated from Urantia in the early morning hours June 1, 2022. He was informed of cancer earlier this year and selected aggressive therapy, bravely giving his all, in hopes the healing process would emerge  victorious over time. David kept a wonderful, positive attitude throughout the months of treatment, and met the trials of illness and impending death with a calm dignity, true courage, generosity, steadfast faith, and hope for eternal life.

David continued to his last precious days on Earth to give his time and resources to important legacy projects he had been involved with. He was a dedicated servant to mankind. Perhaps not too many people know that David wrote and self-published a book titled “The Emerging Recognition of Jesus’ Divine Nature.”

David helped charter the Spirit of Oklahoma Urantia Association, as well as serving as its president. He was a regular study partner with a group in Tulsa, Oklahoma. David served two terms as President of Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS), as well as Dissemination Chair for Urantia Association International (UAI). He helped found the Prisoner Inquiry Response Team (PIRT) and served as its Director for many years, as well as becoming a volunteer who personally answered letters and gave support to many prison inmates.

In more recent months David became the first Vice President of Worldwide Ministry of Jesus, a nonprofit established to provide funding for the Center for Unity projects, including the Jesus Museum, the Jesus Metaverse, Cinematic Jesus, and the immersive virtual Experience Jesus. His generous support of the Center for Unity will be one of his legacy projects as the plans continue to move forward with new energy and momentum that appears to be guided from heaven above. The Center for Unity projects are all being funded and developed simultaneously. We invite you to view the video, and perhaps you will be inspired just as David was. If you choose to make a donation in David’s honor, please make a note so his family can be notified of your gift. The Center for Unity.

We offer our heart-felt condolences to David’s beloved wife Regina, his son Jerod, daughter Lacey, his grandchildren and extended family. We know they are experiencing a profound loss, as are his many friends from all avenues of life. David described his last years with Regina, the “love of his life” as “a whirlwind of joy.” With such varied interests as David had, he remained active and involved. He was a Navy veteran, an outdoorsman with a love of sports (especially pickleball) and nature. His time with friends of the Deep Woods Group were always a highlight of his life that he shared with others. David’s incredible work ethic followed him through his career as a Project Manager at Chevron, and impacted his life as a volunteer for many worthy causes. He was described by his son Jerod as a “caregiver” for anyone in need, and a source of “unconditional love.” He truly was a man of God with a servant’s heart.

One of the ways David shared the revelation was his generosity toward those in need of assistance. One of many things David worked on while serving as UAI Dissemination Chair was finding the funds for Grevet Moyo of Malawi to complete his undergraduate, Masters, and now his PhD in Ireland. Grevet was responsible for growing his local association from 7 members in 2007 to over 115 members, along with his efforts to organize 12 study groups in the various communities of Malawi Africa. David personally assisted Grevet’s family, and a Go Fund Me page was established to cover Grevet’s expenses. The current status of the page is short of the goal of $6,000 (currently at $4,565). Grevet has completed his first year of studies in Ireland, but as he draws nearer the end of his studies, more assistance will be needed to keep his family going while he is away. Making a donation to contribute to this worthy cause may be another way to honor David. If you are interested in helping Grevet achieve his dream, please pass this information along to your local association or study group. Study groups and local associations are always looking for ways to “do something” and we believe this is a cause that is worthy of their consideration. Together we can make a difference in the circumstances of this young man’s life and that of his young family. Your donation, even a small one, will be greatly appreciated. Please visit the GoFundMe page at: GoFundMe–Grevet Moyo.

In a recent conversation David expressed an interest about what his first assignment would be upon his resurrection to a new spiritual life on high. That’s our David; always eager to serve. We certainly look forward to a joyful reunion with him in eternity.

David Linthicum ~ Director for the Prisoner Inquiry Response Team (PIRT – a Urantia Association International Dissemination Subcommittee)

“Over the past seventeen years a small committee of extremely dedicated UAI members have been quietly going about the business of disseminating The Urantia Book to those who find themselves in the deepest, darkest of places, our nation’s prisons.” This is David’s description of PIRT, which was one of his passion projects. Here is a sampling of the abundant fruit from his labor of love:

In concert with his other notable service, David Linthicum served as the PIRT Director for twelve of its seventeen-year history, and not only as Director, but as a PIRT team member and volunteer himself. PIRT is the longest running dissemination project in UAI’s history. The team has answered over 5300 inmate letters and disseminated more than 2,700 Urantia Books. David did this. Not alone of course; there is an amazing list of volunteers who served with him over the years. Still, I believe it was his strong leadership that kept the committee together, unbroken, for so long. He championed for its support at the board level and with that support a platform was built, upon which hundreds of inmates have written to share how profoundly The Urantia Books that we send out, has changed them.

Here are some of David’s words from a 2014 Tidings article about PIRT: “Over the years some have asked me why so much time and energy is being devoted to prisoners. Are we not casting pearls before swine? In response to these types of questions I refer the reader to Jesus’ own admonition to his Apostles:

“And mark well my words: I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners. The Son of Man came not to be ministered to, but to minister and to bestow his life as the gift for all. I declare to you that I have come to seek and to save those who are lost.” [cf. Matt. 9:13b; Mark 2:17; Luke 5:32, 19:10; UB (1750.3) 157:6.9]

This is the service PIRT endeavors to foster and carry forward, to minister to those who sit in darkness and to offer them the saving truths of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Jesus was adamant that he was here to seek out the sinners, the lost coin, to welcome the prodigal son’s return and save the lost sheep.

“Jesus was very partial to telling these three stories at the same time. He presented the story of the lost sheep to show that, when men unintentionally stray away from the path of life, the Father is mindful of such lost ones and goes out, with his Sons, the true shepherds of the flock, to seek the lost sheep. He then would recite the story of the coin lost in the house to illustrate how thorough is the divine searching for all who are confused, confounded, or otherwise spiritually blinded by the material cares and accumulations of life. And then he would launch forth into the telling of this parable of the lost son, the reception of the returning prodigal, to show how complete is the restoration of the lost son into his Father’s house and heart.” [UB (1853.2) 169:1.15]

Let us be about the Father’s business and assist him in his search for the lost sheep.”

…and in David’s words – Dear Willem & PIRTeam, I wish to extend my profound thanks to Jeanette, Joy, Susan, Maramis, Mark, Chris, and Myra  for their dedication to this committee and our mission to bring as many individuals as possible to the teachings of Jesus. The testimonials we receive always serve to revive our sense of duty and accomplishment, driving us ever forward to saving the next soul, and the next. For this is the work we do my friends – in cooperation with the angels, midwayers and, no doubt, our collective Thought Adjusters. It is an honor to serve with you all. In good cheer – David Linthicum

On behalf of everyone who has ever served with you David, thank you. It has been an honor and a joy. On behalf of the active PIRT Team, we’ve gotcha brother. Thank you for trusting me as your successor. Your very large shoes will be a challenge to fill, and I will do my best with you always in my heart. – Myra H.

Another bright light has gone out on our world. Godspeed, good and faithful servant. – Joanne Strobel

Such nice comments about the lovable David! You all reflect much of what I feel also. He is the one person who arrested my attention thinking about how valuable prisoners are also to God! His thought on that eventually led me to sign up for PIRT. Thank you David. God’s speed via your Guardian goin’ to Mansonia!!!! – Mark K.

I’m sorry about David, yet I’m happy that his eternal future will be so bright. We all likely said goodbye to David in our own way. While our thoughts and prayers went with him, we will all share in a common feeling of knowing he is gone and missing the largeness of his life’s footprint.

Our cup (the PIRT one that David sent to us) continues to runneth over with our spiritual freedom, as was the intention for each of us as we share the good news with those who earnestly search for the truth. You did a good job, David. Now onward to your next assignment! With all our love… ❤ – Maramis C.

It was a little over 4 months ago when David announced his illness to the Prisoner Inquiry Response Team.  Am grateful for the time we had before his passing to express our heartfelt appreciation to him. He will be remembered well on Urantia and when met on high it will no doubt be said “well done good and faithful servant.”  He served the revelation well and was a splendid example of what it is to be in partnership with God. You’re loved and will be sorely missed, David! – Jeanette S.

This news is bittersweet. I will miss David’s wisdom. For me, he demonstrated how experience, attenuated by intelligence, patience, tolerance, and love, leads to true wisdom. David is indeed a “good and faithful servant” and will continue to be so. This certainty leaves me feeling happy. He is in good hands. – Chris G., PIRT Canada.

This is heartbreaking. David has been special to all of us. David was a truly faithful person and met death with such courage and dignity. He was a great man of service to others, and an inspiration for me. 

He was a man of many interests. He was fiercely loyal, a great competitor, and a #1 supporter of his Oklahoma football team. We would always wish each other the best of luck when Notre Dame played Oklahoma! The two teams certainly gave us some thrills in their most recent matchups.

David was also the director of our prison ministry team, PIRT – Prisoner Inquiry Response Team. David answered inmate letters for many years and realized a real despair among the inmates that touched his heart to help create and continue the ministry for them. He believed that each one could be comforted by knowing they were valued and worthy children of God. I’ve been a team member for a couple of years now, because I was so inspired by the work they do.

David called last Friday and could only speak in a raspy whisper but he was was so positive, and he was always very kind to me. He said he wondered what our first assignment would be on the mansion worlds. He was very excited to find out. There certainly is a new light on those far off distant shores. – Susan L.

Our beloved friend David Linthicum graduated today, June 1, 2022 early at 3:30 am from this life. He was courageous until the end and was suffering a lot from physical pain from cancer. In his mind he was alert and clear and at peace. He cherished his Urantia Book fellows and in spirit embraced the plan of our loving Father. He was short of celebrating his 67th birthday on June 12th. Such a leader, with kind and candid spirit will be sorely missed. Lets unite our thoughts in prayer to wish him well and reflect on the impact he has done in the lives of many. I appreciate you. – Erika Webster

A splendid light has left us – and now that light continues its journey to Paradise.  And though my heart is broken, the memories of David are precious and will be carried with each of us forever. – Margaret Slater-Thompson

We will surely miss him! But he is on to bigger and better and I am glad that he did not have to suffer for too long with that cancer. Onward with your service work, David. Now you are in closer touch with your loving Adjuster and angels! Thanks for all you have done for helping to spread the Urantia revelation on earth; enjoy this next adventure in your journey to Paradise! – Joy Brandt

Godspeed and so long to you David, tireless toiler of the revelation. See you over yonder. – Rick Warren

It is with great sadness, and JOY that I announce to you that our beautiful brother David has embarked upon his “second” jubilee journey. David left the planet physically about 3:30 Wednesday morning June 1st. What a beautiful way to start June, knowing your loved one no longer suffers. Soar with the angels sweet brother. – Karen Allen

David and I spent time together at the Tulsa study group. We came from different places and had our differences. That was a challenge for us both. I learned to respect and love David, not because it was easy, but because of the graceful way he struggled through it. He often used a smile to diffuse a spirited discussion, and on some occasions a quick reminder when we lost focus. That was David to me, a devout student of life that balanced passion and long suffering. He displayed gentleness and temperance that I hope will persist in the next life. He is fondly remembered. – Uri Finsterbush

Thank you David for all you did for the 5th Epochal Revelation and your kindness shown when we worked together in the UAI and athough there is sadness on your departing and graduation to the Mansion Worlds and l look forward to meeting you once again when my calling comes. – Gary Rawlings

David was, is and will always be a spiritual brother and friend to me. When I was introduced to David many years ago, I was told he was a peacemaker and as such David was truly a person engaged in promoting love, friendship, service and cooperation. I have had multiple occasions to enjoy the company of David while organizing different events in which David’s contribution was a stellar example of dedication, professionalism, integrity and loyalty to the highest values which I believed we commonly shared. I know that I will again one day served with David in numerous activities across our universe for our friendship is a never-ending discovery of our partnership with God. – Gaétan Charland, Canada

David you were only with us for a short time but, you were a great presence to all. I know that you were ready and anxious to see all the beautiful lights of heaven. Indeed a mighty oak has fallen. – Imogene Drake

In honor of David’s service to his country:

Mansions of the Lord” from the film We Were SoldiersMansions of the Lord

Obituary for David Linthicum

David Leon Linthicum

David passed away Wednesday June 1, 2022, in Oklahoma City. He was born June 12, 1955, to LaVerna Lee and Darrell Leon Linthicum in Tulsa, OK. David graduated from Will Rogers High School and Oklahoma University. David was an United States Navy veteran. He was a project manager for Chevron. David enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, sports and, especially, pickle ball. He is preceded in death by his parents; a brother, Tommy Linthicum; a sister, Elizabeth Rutherford. David is survived by his beloved wife, Regina Linthicum of Arcadia, OK; a daughter, Lacy Ferguson, her husband James; a son, Jerod Linthicum, his fiancee, Jennifer, step-daughter, Sandra Kelley, her husband John and grandchildren; Dylan, Raven, Caleb, Kameron, Brian and Jack.

A Memorial Service with Military Rites was held for David at 11:00 AM Saturday, June 11, 2022 at Moore’s Eastlawn Chapel, 1908 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, OK 74112 (918) 622-1155

Moore Funeral Home created a webcast in memory of David –  View Video.

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