Carolyn Kendall

In Loving Memory
1932 – 2020

Carolyn Kendall on the
Publication Mandate –
by Gaetan Charland

Larry Bowman wrote:
Dear friends, after years of declining health, my sister Carolyn Kendall has just graduated at the age of 88. Four of her five children, plus a grandson, were at her bedside when she passed. Her middle son, who lives just a few blocks away, had returned to his home but is now back on his way to the house on Salvington. Both of Carolyn’s children from out of state were among those who saw her leave her mortal life. Marilynn Kulieke visited the house both yesterday and today but had left this afternoon before Carolyn died.

As the daughter of a man who had been in on the Urantia revelation from the very beginning, Carolyn joined the Forum in late 1951, a few months after graduating from high school. A few months later she began working for Dr. Sadler as a receptionist for his psychiatric practice, and from him she heard firsthand about his longtime patient who was the sleeping subject through which the Urantia papers started appearing in the 1920s into the ‘30s. She continued working for Doctor until late January 1954, just a day or two before her oldest son was born several weeks prematurely. Carolyn was a charter member of the First Society in 1956 and a founder of Orvonton Society in 1961. Later she and husband Tom Kendall transferred their membership back to First Society, and over the years she held a number of positions in that society.
Carolyn was elected to Urantia Brotherhood General Council in 1967 and served almost two full terms. In 1975 she became chair of Fraternal Relations Committee (which I think is now Interfaith), and in 1982 she was elected Vice President of the Brotherhood. She was chair of the two conferences that were held in Wisconsin (1978 and ’84).
Here are two fairly recent photos of Carolyn at 533 Diversey. The first was taken by Anthony Finstad in 2018 and is of the two of us: The second is courtesy of Joshua Wilson and was taken just a year ago,
 when he and Carolyn’s youngest son, Neal, were presenters at a Scientific Symposium sponsored by Urantia Foundation. (Josh is on the left and Neal on the right.) This was Carolyn’s last time at 533. The following day she fell, went into the hospital, then a nursing home, and it has been downhill ever since.

The woman in the background is Jackie Beatty, who has been a caregiver for more than three years. When she first met Carolyn, she noticed all the copies of The Urantia Book on the bookshelves and mentioned that she had read the book years before. Becoming acquainted with Carolyn reinvigorated Jackie’s interest in the UB, and she attended a few study groups and the Midwest Conference at Techny in 2018. More recently, as Carolyn has become less lucid, Jackie would read to her from the UB. In my last conversation with my sister, she told me, “Jackie has really enjoyed meeting Dr. Sadler.”

The family is happy that their mom’s long ordeal is finally over. If you wish to send cards to the Kendall Family, the address is: 1400 W. Salvington Place, Wheeling, Illinois 60090

Another time I will share the story of how the street got its name. That house has a lot of history.

Carolyn was looking forward to once again seeing Tom Kendall, our parents, all the recent Urantia Book readers who have passed on to the Mansion Worlds, and numerous others. Godspeed. 

David Kulieke wrote:
Marilynn and I spent a great deal of wonderful time together with Carolyn: countless study groups, First Society Governing Committee meetings, the many, many drives from the suburbs to Chicago and back. I have enjoyed so many discussions with Carolyn about the history of the fifth revelation (we created the slide tape in the 1970s of the history together with Barb and and I edited her early  drafts of a history that is now being completed by Marilynn and Gard Jameson), the teachings of the book, her family, and everything else. I would have loved to talked to her about today’s momentous event.

I count myself lucky to consider her five children, as I did Tom, my friends. My parents were friends with Tom and Carolyn. I believe it to be evidence of something very positive about the Urantia community that we have so many rich multi-generational friendships.
After not seeing Carolyn as much in the last year, it is quite easy for me to feel that my friendship with her is only briefly interrupted. Very few were as committed to, as passionate about, or contributed as much to our young revelation as did Carolyn. We love and miss her, but it will not be for long.
Andre Radatus wrote:
While we certainly all understand it as heaven’s gain and a brief interruption, that temporary interruption of one person’s love is deeply missed.
I had the privilege of seeing her briefly at 533 last year for the last time. She truly loved her fellow Urantians as though her “children together even as a hen gathers her own brood under her wings.” At least, that is the feeling of familiarity that ensued in her presence. Godspeed Carolyn!

An online event was held in honor of Carolyn’s memory on Sunday, March 6th, 2022

The family of Carolyn Kendall and First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book gathered to celebrate a life well-lived, and Carolyn’s longtime commitment to family, the Urantia revelation, and her friends.

A little about Carolyn: Carolyn Kendall (Bowman) lived a life of service, to her husband (Tom), her five children (Scott, Jeff, Neal, Bryn, and Laura), and to the Urantia Revelation. Carolyn was born on October 23, 1932. She and her brother Larry lived with their father Clarence Bowman who participated in the Forum, held at 533 Diversey Parkway, in the early 1920’s. In 1951 Carolyn joined the Forum and in 1952 she became the receptionist to Dr. William Sadler for two years. She married her lifetime partner, Thomas A. Kendall in 1953, and together they dedicated themselves to service in Urantia Brotherhood and Urantia Foundation. Carolyn served Urantia Brotherhood as: a General Councilor, Vice President, and Chair of the Fraternal Relations committee. She was a charter member of First Society and took on many roles. When her husband Tom became a trustee of Urantia Foundation, she traveled with him, spreading her knowledge of the Urantia Book and its history. Carolyn left us on November 7, 2020. Her wisdom and understanding will be with us forever.

“One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork. The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings. Few are the duties in the universe for the lone servant. The higher you ascend, the more lonely you become when temporarily without the association of your fellows.” 28:5.14 (312.1)