Charles Olivea

Charles Laurence Olivea
March 23, 1943 – November 17, 2019

CHARLES OLIVEA, 76, passed away Sunday, November 17, 2019 at his Santa Fe home.
His wife of 53 years, Mary, shares his words to you:

Message to all people: Trust God’s spirit; collect the riches of Mind and Divine Spirit. Let your hearts NOT be troubled–our souls are safe.

To Grandsons: I love you. Live honorably. Bring Honor and Respect to your names.

For Men: Be manly. Raise children as true fathers. Work morally.

For Women: You are true Daughters of God. Thank you.

To All: the universe is friendly. God wants you to know his peace. We are all his sons and daughters, which is the true basis for being brothers and sisters and Cosmic Citizens. Our Destiny is Essentially Safe.

He also leaves behind sons Peter and Gordon, their wives May and Rosiane; grandsons Philipp and Michael, all of Connecticut; as well as other family members on the East Coast. Many friends in Santa Fe and scattered throughout the U.S. and abroad will miss him also.

A Celebration of his life was held at 2:00 pm Sunday, December 8, 2019 at the Rivera Family Kiva Chapel

Family Name: Charles Laurence Olivea
Date of Birth: March 23rd, 1943
Date of Death: November 17th, 2019


Charles Olivea, a scholar and gentleman, no doubt left this world in the company of angels – as he was so fond of them. Charles, a collector of all things pertaining to angels, was particularly generous in gifting his friends with beautiful images of angels of many different time periods. He was a gracious teacher and a joy to be around.

Charles had a dramatic and charismatic way of speaking that held the listener’s attention in the style of the old-time passionate preachers leading souls to salvation – yet he would be sharing new truth and his great knowledge and understanding of The Urantia Book. He was naturally invited to attend the 2011 Leadership Symposium in Chicago and made quite a passionate impression upon all those who attended the event, including me.

We visited Charles and shared a meal with him and his lovely wife, Mary in Santa Fe. They invited us to follow them to their warm, and eclectic home, full of art, books, and angels. Mary is quite a talented artist in her own right, and they were a wonderful pair together. Their home reflected their unique personalities like no other I have known. It was so charming that we didn’t want to leave, and Charles gifted us with a beautiful golden diptych that graces our fireplace and reminds us of an old friend who was truly filled with the love Jesus intended; he listened with love, he spoke with love, and he acted with love and service.

Charles will be missed for many fine character traits and for the gentile charm he lent to any gathering…a charm which will surely brighten future gatherings on the sea of glass. Rick and I look forward to continuing our friendship with Charles one fine day… Susan Lyon