Many devotees of The Urantia Book lovingly refer to the transition from this life to the next as a graduation. We know that advanced studies and life lessons will be conducted in our next life on the Mansion Worlds and that our life after death will be a series of graduations to even greater service and experience.

Here we offer tribute to our brothers and sisters, members of the Urantia Book community, who have graduated to a higher, more spiritual realm. They lead the way, and shine the light for us on those far-distant eternal shores.

We have created these pages in honor and memory of our beloved graduates who have gone on to the mansion worlds. All were dedicated servants to our heavenly Father and their fellow man. We welcome your contributions of photos and tributes for these members and friends of Urantia Association of the United States.

Christine Bailey
Daryl Berry
Ted Blaney
Lewis Boggs
Ruth Burton
Linda Buselli
Helen Carlson
John Causland
Emma Christensen
Michael Ferree
John Hales
Cathy Jones
Albert Joy
Richard Keeler
David Linthicum
Anne Lyon
Bill Martin
Phyllis Martin
Pat Murnin
Rene Neff
Shirley Pelland
Marian Rowley
Reynold Sawatzky
Jim Smith
Christine Stauffer
Jack Stauffer
Barbara White
Bruce White