Linda May

May our hearts be light as we wish Linda well on her journey to the stars. On Thanksgiving 2023 Linda’s neighbors in Evansville, Indiana, discovered that she had passed away a few days earlier after a long illness and struggle with diabetes and back pain.

Linda was surrounded by her beloved pets just as she wished to spend her last days on earth. A very active and independent person who loved the outdoors, Linda especially loved gardening and keeping her yard immaculate. Her neighbors said she was one of the best neighbors a person could wish for.

Linda celebrated her 77th birthday on August 18th and attended her last study group with friends on November 15th, 2023. She stayed after the meeting ended to find out more details about the launch of the Discover Jesus website that had happened earlier in the day, and asked about everyone’s Thanksgiving plans. No one reported hearing from her after that date.

A gathering of friends honored Linda on Sunday evening, December 3rd via zoom. Many of them witnessed to her loving spirit, servant’s heart, and devoted friendship; sending prayers for her safe resurrection and renewed life. We all look forward to reuniting with her someday.

Having been a regular attendee of multiple online study groups, as well as chat groups on Facebook, Linda had made many friends all over the United States. She will be very missed. Her quiet dignity, calm demeanor, and humble beauty brought something special to every gathering. Certainly, she was admired for her courage and positive attitude even when health problems seemed to multiply in the past year.

Linda was introduced to The Urantia Book by her longtime friend Darlene. She was tickled to get to travel to attend the wedding of Pato Banton and Antionette Hall as you can see in the pictures. She was also thrilled to be baptized by Pato during her visit.

Linda will be actively enjoying all of the new delights and adventures of her new life on high. Her faith and devotion will likely be rewarded with great interest by those who ask where she is from and learn about her challenging life – such a life on such a planet!