Richard Keeler

Tributes to Richard Keeler

by Richard Jernigan – Monday, 18 February 2019

Many of you knew Richard Keeler and his devotion to The Urantia Book which began when he found the text in 1959 as a college student in Lawrence, Kansas. He served as Trustee and President of Urantia Foundation for many years and spent his last years as Trustee Emeritus, gracing Foundation meetings with wit, candor, and wisdom. He left this world January 16, 2019.

Four years ago, I had the pleasure of filming Richard Keeler at Urantia Foundation as part of a project in which several readers expressed their feelings about The Urantia Book. For 25 minutes, Richard spoke with his characteristic intelligence and passion about how these teachings transformed his life. By providing it unedited I think it makes it more personal, and lets us visit with him one more time. Many thanks, Richard    Click here to view his complete, uncut interview.

by Constance J. Wallach – Saturday, 19 January 2019

Class it appears from your personal introductions, that most of you are long duration readers, and might have known personally RICHARD KEELER. I would like to say a final goodbye to enthusiastic mortal who died a few days ago. Dedicated board member, attorney, and smiling friend of all he came in contact with. As he put to me, we were the second wave of Urantian’s, first being the Chicago forum group.  I have fond memories of him in his youth long ago, at his group sessions in Del Mar Ca. condo. Especially the first one on Halloween, where he met me at the front door, in full-dress son of Cherokee Chief.  The memory of are UB readers and family yearly picnics in San Diego park, always carrying stacks of UB in his car trunk, ready to give one away. Our last meeting was at the World Religion Conference, a couple of years ago, I could see the young man still glistening through his penetrating Cherokee eyes, though time had made its mark. Now I visualize him ready to take on the mansion worlds, new young morontia body, ready for that long adventure to Paradise, and experience the presence of our Universal Father, God Speed. Konni

by Ted Blaney – Saturday, 19 January 2019, 3:03 PM

Some of us are old enough that we might know Richard Keeler who recently graduated. I did not know him as well as you having only meet him a few time in the late ’60s or early ’70s. But as you say he was a memorable character and once you met him you would likely remember him through out this life and probably the next. He could certainly bring forth hearty laughter from almost any group. He became my vision of reversion directors on the mansion worlds.

by Susan Lyon – Sunday, 20 January 2019, 12:55 PM

It warmed my heart to read the kind tributes to Richard Keeler. He was a true pioneer of the new age, and very kind to us when we visited him in November. His health had declined greatly and Mike Wood and Evette Twyford were caring for his needs. He was so brave and at peace about his impending farewell to us mortals on Urantia, and looking forward to his resurrection and new life on the shores of Mansonia #1. We enjoyed having dinner with him – out at his favorite Chinese restaurant, and were thrilled to see his exceptionally fine collection of Native American artifacts. We stayed over talking into the evening about stories of our visit to Little Big Horn a few days prior, and listened to his family stories and pride in his Cherokee heritage. I encouraged him to send in a DNA test and to document those family stories. At the time he felt he may not live long enough to see the results, but I do know that after further thought – he sent in his test, which I’m sure will be appreciated by his daughter and family. At some point in the future people will learn about the unselfish manner in which Richard supported the fifth epochal revelation. He was not only the longest serving Trustee of Urantia Foundation, but a truly great patron of our movement. For the time being, I would like to remember him with that big smile that could light up a room, and wish him fond farewell until we all meet again. He passed on the 16th and I thought of him on the morning of the 18th – assuming he was probably experiencing that “Resurrection Morning” we all look forward to with so much anticipation.

by Ralph Zehr – Sunday, 20 January 2019, 4:24 PM

This past week has been filled with mixed emotions including sadness in the loss of our dear friend and brother, Richard Keeler, and at the same time celebration of his graduation from this confused planet to the mansion worlds on high with their fabulously improved environment in every way, not to mention a young new invigorated and far more physically and spiritually amenable mind and body. He truly was a generous, dedicated, sincere promoter, and supporter of the UB and the readership community. It was a great privilege to learn to know and work with him on the Urantia Foundation, that in many ways seemed like his natural habitat, for nearly ten years, an experience that will always be deeply cherished. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful memories of our dear departed friend.